Peter Lunding, Chief Information Officer at the Luminor Group in the Baltics

“Following the merger of DNB and Nordea’s Baltic Banking activities, Søren Mølby Henriksen and ProVations  have assisted Luminor in the negotiations with external vendors, shaping the IT-procurement procedures, adviced and trained staff and in setting up the Vendor & Partner Management organisation.

I can only give Søren my best recommendation both from a professional and a personal perspective.”


Lars-Henrik Jessen, Head of Operations at KMD in Denmark

 “Søren Mølby Henriksen from ProVations has successfully been leading negotiations with IBM based on a well – developed and – anchored strategy closely aligned with the KMD Management team and executed in close collaboration with the KMD negotiation team paving the road for improved quality and customer satisfaction in delivery of IT infrastructure services. The work has resulted in a satisfactory result, executed within a rather short timeframe and handed over in a smooth way. Søren has during the negotiations demonstrated strong ability to steer the complexity of negotiations and stakeholders using his seniority, following the strategy and focusing on achieving a result satisfactory for both parties”